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Human Area Network Seminar And PPT PDF

Human Area Network. How REDTACTON works. Communication with REDTACTON. FeaturesApplications

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Human society is entering an era of ubiquitous computing, when networks are seamlessly interconnected and information is always accessible at our fingertips. The practical implementation of ubiquitous services requires three levels of connectivity: Wide Area Networks (WAN),via the Internet, to remotely connect all types of severs and terminals; Local Area Networks (LAN),via Ethernet connectivity among all the information and communication appliances in offices and homes; and Human Area Networks (HAN) for connectivity to personal information, media and communication appliances within the much smaller sphere of ordinary daily activities-- the last one meter. NTT's RedTacton is a break-through technology that, for the first time, enables reliable high-speed HAN. In the past, Bluetooth, infrared communications (IrDA), radio frequency ID systems (RFID), and other technologies have been proposed to solve the "last meter" connectivity problem. In addition to the WANs (Internet) and LANs, there are applications best served by Human Area Networks (HANs) that connect the last meter.

Projects, Thesis, Final Year Projects, IT, MBA, Seminar

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